Saturday, January 12, 2013

You are so beautiful. I wish you could see what I see...

Last night I was outside under the most amazing night sky, like midnight blue velvet with broken crystals scattered across it. It reminded me of your eyes and how they sparkle. Oh my, you are so beautiful. I wish you could see what I see...

People look at themselves in the mirror and judge themselves far too harshly seeing only imperfections where others around them see something else entirely. When there is beauty inside it shines from within like sunshine streaming across the floor through the window. Light emanates from your very being. When you are full of love, when you allow the table to rise inside of you, let the river flow, you cannot help but flood the world with your light.

Open your heart, open your eyes, let the world see your beauty, but most of all feel it yourself. If you have to close your eyes to feel it, do that first. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and remember all of the moments that you have shown others kindness, perhaps helped an elderly woman by holding the door for her, put out a saucer of milk for a stray kitten, gave a lonely child on a swing, on the playground or at the park, a push or two or three until they were giddy with laughter. Maybe you complimented the weary lady at the checkout in the grocery store just to see the smile come across her work worn face, or adopted a lonely animal from a shelter. Maybe you donated a few dollars to a good cause even when you didn't have a lot to spare. In the end those few dollars given from an open heart matter more than those who can easily write a check for thousands without thinking of it. Oh, there is so much more. And when you take time to remember these things, countless things, hundreds of things, that table will rise and the well will fill from within. Now go back to the mirror and look at yourself again. Do you see what incredible beauty is reflected back from that shimmering glass. Oh my, just revel in that radiance!

Last night as I stood out under the stars I knew that you were a star in the firmament of the sky that shelters more people than you will ever know. Your presence here is important, it matters, you would not be here otherwise. Please know that. I will feel tremendous joy simply sitting here and watching you sparkle, so much beauty I have never known...

From, "The Deep Listening Soul Guidebook," 
copyright 2012-2013, Maitri Libellule

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