Sunday, January 20, 2013

I am the guide inside of you. If you are reading this it is because you are ready to hear it...

I feel your lack of belief in yourself.

I know that there are a thousand reasons that you can tell me that you are absolutely certain are unchangeable, things that you "know" have held you back and will hold you back, that while others follow and achieve their dreams yours are unattainable. Why?

Get out a piece of paper. Write down ten reasons why you "know" you can't succeed and for every single one of them, whether you believe it or not, I want you to write an answer that refutes that negative belief. You don't even have to believe it, you just have to make it up, write it down, do it with great gusto, have fun with it, you can pretend you are writing it for someone else. Now...

Take out a clean sheet of paper. Write a new list of ten things, but this time write the second list that you came up with showing you how your negative responses could be turned into positive responses. Write this list in big bold bright colors, better yet do it on a big piece of poster board. Again, you don't have to believe or trust them yet, you just have to write them down and make them visible, some place that you see them frequently throughout your day. Read through them outloud, with great gusto. Don't make any judgments, they are just words on paper.

Do this for 21 days. Along the way little inklings of things will begin to come to mind how each one of these things IS attainable. They needn't be big things, but every little idea will spark a bigger one, and a bigger one and soon the ten positive steps to achieving your dream will start to fall, like dominoes, leading you toward the life you have longed to live, the dream you have desperately wanted to achieve.

Yes, I am the guide inside of you. If you are reading this it is because you are ready to hear it. We draw to us the things we not only want but the things we are finally ready to act on. "When the student is ready, the teacher arrives." Look in the mirror, you have the ability to be your own teacher. Who knows you better than you do? Answers coming from outside yourself are not answers that you are likely to implement and follow through on. If you know you do want to follow through then you are ready to take a course, get a mentor, do whatever it is you need to do, but it is the belief in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals and the life you know you deserve that gets you half way there. Once you get that far nothing can stop you, nothing.

You called me here today to tell you what you already know. You know this to be true. Now pick up your pen and start those lists. You are going to have so much fun I can already hear you laughing. I can feel tiny bubbles of joy starting to form in a place you don't even know exists. As soon as you start reciting your positive list every day you gain momentum with blinding speed. You will be so excited to finally see the life you have imagined coming into focus you will be rushing toward it. No seeming impediment cannot be dealt with, no hurdle is too high to jump.

Everybody STEP BACK! Here comes a train barreling down the tracks, and she's having the ride of her life, she's driving that train and heading toward those goals faster than she ever knew was possible.

I knew it was possible, so did you. that's why you called me today.

From, "The Deep Listening Soul Guidebook," 
copyright 2012-2013, Maitri Libellule 

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