Thursday, January 10, 2013

"You are magic, you are love, you are so much more than you know..."

 Oh my blessed, beloved, beautiful souls... 

Last night I saw you in my dreams. I saw the infinite magic each of you possess and what I want most in the world is to sit on your shoulder like a tiny angel and whisper in your ear, "You are magic, you are love, you are so much more than you know. Whatever dream you are holding in your heart, don't let it die there, let it out into the world." 

I feel the vibrations around the energy of those dreams. You feel them too but you believe that it is fear, something holding you back because it isn't right, not time, maybe never will be, you are not worthy you think, it is not possible for you. Oh my love, if you only knew. 

 I am the angel that sits on your shoulder. Close your eyes, breathe in and out, slowly, gently, relax your entire body from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, relax, relax, let your mind go blank and be still... now, do you feel a soft pressure, ever so slight, on your shoulder? That is me, I am your guardian angel, I am always with you, you are never alone. Next time you feel that fluttery feeling in your stomach, feel your body tense, know that that is energy building up inside of you that can send you to the stars, to the moon, over the rainbow. 

 I am your guardian angel. I am always with you, never lose faith. Do you feel that feeling in the pit of your stomach again? Rev your engine, get ready, it's time to soar! 

 Believe me my beloved, it is so. Let nothing hold you back...

From, "The Deep Listening Soul Guidebook,"
copyright 2012-2013, Maitri Libellule

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