Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Tea Hour, January 15, 2013...

Why it's important to be here for tea even if no one comes...

... because I'm not no one.

... because meditation comes in many forms in a subway or in a teacup on Facebook.

... because I am over the top excited about life and everything that is happening and I get scared too but mostly I am full of hope and joy and taking an hour each day to sit here with tea is peaceful and centering with my little blind pug in my lap and my other pugs around me and my grey parrot Scarlett babbling in the background or singing or just, as animals are, totally present and their existence doesn't depend on whether or not anyone is there with them while they split a seed. They are just there. They are. I am.

I have realized that this tea hour may be the most important time of my day because I sit taking notes about the things that come up over tea and they often change the whole tenor of my day, my week, my life. So that is why I am here. If you come I will be delighted. In either case, I am here, and the tea is good...

The tea of the day is "Brioche" from American Tea Room, one of my favorite tea companies. Click the tea name and read the description and your mouth will water. I swear, the first time I opened up a package of this loose tea I nearly swooned down to the floor! And the tea is right here in the pot you see above, one of the many in my vintage teapot collection.

Do come and have tea with me in my Dragonfly Cottage Studio on Facebook, almost everyday from 4-5. I'd love to pour you a cup! I have to stop now because Penny thinks it's time to put the tea things away and get dinner. No arguing with a tiny blind pug who sits very politely on your lap while you have tea with people all over the world but when 5:00 comes, well, dinnertime is dinnertime!

Blessings and Love, 

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