Thursday, January 24, 2013

I told you that I would never give you more than you could bear, but...

Hold steady dear one, hold steady...

You stepped beyond your comfort zone and it was brave of you to try, so do not punish yourself because you moved beyond the parameters of the world that you built to protect your fragile heart. You tried. You took one step further than you have before. Retreat is not defeat. All will be well.

I was with you this morning as you lie in anguish in your bed, clutching your little dogs close, tears running down your cheeks. Your prayers ran through your head like a runaway train until they were a blur on the horizon, but they held you aloft. I was there, I would not have let you fall.

I told you that I would never give you more than you could bear, but I could not promise that what you could bear would be easy, that some nights it might bring untenable torment, that fear might grip you around the ankles and try to pull you under. But each time you wrestle free and rise again you have won, and you will win the battle over and over again, each time, stronger, more able to face another day a little more sure-footed than before.

I have sat with you this day while you struggled to get your bearings. I will sit beside you while you sleep. You are never alone, though it may seem painfully so at times, I am always here. Now close your eyes and rest. Tonight you will sleep well and have peaceful dreams...

From, "The Deep Listening Soul Guidebook,"
copyright 2012-2013, Maitri Libellule

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