Saturday, December 8, 2012

You are watering your dreams with your tears...

Dear Friends...

My work continues, so very deeply, as I work on this book that will be out by my 59th birthday, April 30, 2013. I am writing nearly round the clock now, as if driven. Spirit is speaking to me deeply, and I am listening. As I don't have time to write a lot of entries here just now I do want to share some of the work that will be in the book along the way, in hopes that you can take this journey with me, and know how much I care about you, and how, in sharing these few small gifts from the basket I carry over my arm, I might be giving you a piece of my heart, the part of me that matters the most and is most engaged now. In that spirit I offer you one of the pieces I wrote last night...

"I saw the tears dropping quietly down your cheeks and it reminded me of the leaves falling gently from the trees to cover and protect the ground while fertile things begin to grow underneath. You are watering your dreams with your tears dear one. There is no more important work that you could do.

I saw you outside, pulling your coat close around you, cold, sad, almost unable to move, but I saw your eyes shining, and even in the cold you were wrapped in warmth and standing sturdy and strong. You are the strong trunk of the tree that can withstand the winds that would blow your dreams away. Nothing can stop you. Nothing.

You don't believe in yourself but I do, I believe because I can see the future and you cannot. I can see the seeds sprouting beneath the earth, the tiny sprouts -- your dreams unfurling. Stand close to me, I am always with you, and like the invisible forces of Nature, the mysteries of life are unfolding because you are growing strong enough to have faith in yourself. You know the phrase. "Act as if..."? That is exactly what you must do.

Do you want to be a painter? Go buy art supplies and set them up and have them near you. Don't worry about painting or beat yourself up because you haven't done it yet. Just get things here and there and create a little corner like you were preparing it for someone else, and put wonderful little touches around, maybe little things from flea markets or dollar stores, or from your attic. Wear a feather boa and have tea and say, "Oh look, someone paints here, la di da," and go on about your business. One day someone will be painting, and it will be you.

This is just an example of course. Maybe you want to write. Get any kind of blank book or paper that you like, and start collecting fun colored pens and then doodle and don't try to write The Great American Novel, just scribble and write down words that you like and make smiley faces in the O's and put hearts over the i's like you used to in highschool, or whatever makes you happy.

I don't care if you want to build a spaceship or start a chain of grocery stores, you have to start somewhere and you only have to do little things and make it fun and let it build up steam and when you're not looking, Great Balls Of Fire, someone will be doing it and it will be YOU. I swear. I pinkie swear. I promise.

I saw the tears dropping quietly down your cheeks today and I smiled. I knew you were just watering your dreams, and oh, what beautiful dreams they are, and what an incredible life you have before you. It give me chills."

From, "The Deep Listening Soul Guidebook,"
copyright 2012, Maitri Libellule

Do know that you are watering your dreams in your darkest times, as tears drop down to the fertile ground, like the leaves that fall and come back fresh and bright and green in the spring? We are coming into winter, the deep, soft, soulful time when much goes on under the surface that we cannot see. Know that, and be comforted...

With Deepest Blessings and So Much Love...


artlover said...

Thanks for sharing!


Dave Lucas said...

Yeah, you gotta live your life - don't wait - we are just containers filled with "soul" - !

I am hoping some of my old Entrecard friends who still visit you will visit me and let me knwo they're still around!
Here is that link!

Thank-You and Peaceful Blessings!

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