Monday, December 3, 2012

A beautiful video from the pug rescue I'm involved in. It made me cry. I just had to share...

Dear Ones,

Over the years I have adopted a total of ten pugs from Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue and they have my heart. You all know that I live with 4 now. I have taken mostly seniors and special needs little ones because those are the ones usually taken last, but there are so many in need of homes. I think this must be one of the biggest rescues because they go from all the way up in Maryland and West Virginia down to Tennessee and never turn a pug away, and some mixed breeds as well.

I know that these are hard times for everyone, especially this time of year, but I wanted to at least share this beautiful video that the rescue put together because it so touched my heart it made me cry. In a world where so much is painful and hard, what these people do just lifts my heart. 

I dedicate this to all of the babies I have had and do have, and the people who run the rescue, and especially the people who I believe are the stars of the rescue, the many foster families, some of whom take in a number of pugs so they have a warm family home to go to, and some pugs have been in the rescue for years, especially the elderly, special needs and hospice pugs. 

With all the love in my heart to these very special people, and these dear little ones who are filled with more love, and give more love, than I can even express. 

Love to you all,

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artlover said...

Thanks for sharing!
Wishing they all find good homes

Mariette ;-)

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