Sunday, December 23, 2012

I approach this work with my heart, soul, and spirit, and it is a lifetime commitment..

Dear Ones,

I am so fortunate to have teachers and mentors who are fabulous because they have been guiding me, some knowing and some not even realizing, toward hard decisions that I have to make in order to move forward with my business in the new year. I will write more about this but in brief I want much of my work to be open to both men and women and will have this page, books, and other offerings for both men and women because it is a deeply spiritual thing for me. 

 Too, I have to realize that my work has always been for women only and there is a reason for this. It is not because I don't have great love in my heart for both women and men, but because as a woman who suffered terrible childhood sexual and emotional abuse from 4 to 18 I really only feel safe and comfortable in intimate settings with women, and I know many other women that I have taught and worked with over the years feel the same way and can only open up to community and healing with all women. This decision has weighed on my heart heavily because I want to be inclusive, my heart is so open to all. 

 So, essentially in the new year I will be starting private sessions, taking students lovingly and gently, my deepest purpose is to help shepherd women into a feeling of safety and self love inside themselves and then in the world, and to help them shape a life that fits them, no matter how it may seem to the outside world as perhaps out of the norm, when we build a world in which we can both be safe, and productive, and do our soul's work, we have found, as we must find, the path in which we can be true to ourselves. 

 I hope any men out there will know how difficult a decision this is for me, how tender and gentle I know you are and how loved, and that there will still be many offerings for you here. I am trying to balance, as best I can, the work that I need to do, the women I am called to serve. I approach this work with my heart, soul, and spirit, and it is a lifetime commitment. 

 I send my love to all, deeply, truly, and with compassion and loving kindness. You are all beautiful beings on this earth. 


... sending holiday wishes to all and beautiful blessings for the new year... ♥

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