Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Do These Glasses Make Me Look Fat?

Is it just me or does every single woman on the planet, whether she weighs 4 pounds or 400 pounds, wonder, when she puts those new glasses on for the first time, "Do these glasses make me look fat?"

Seriously, I would truly like to think that when I pick up my new glasses, which by the way have bright red frames, that they will make me look something like 50 pounds thinner. I've lost 25 pounds since December, but I was hoping the glasses would help speed things up a little...

Sometimes you just have to be seen in the right light. Maybe if I put my new glasses on and turn the lights down low so I look a little 1940's that would help?

Oh Dear, now I know why I wasn't born in the 40's. Maybe I just need to adjust the lighting a few different ways...

Okay, which one makes me look the thinnest? Please put your comments in the coments below, I'm taking this VERY seriously! But you know, I always thought that purple was my color...

Too much???

This all just makes me feel blue. I'd really like some chocolate. But that would make me look fatter. I wonder if it's too late to order some different frames?


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