Monday, March 22, 2010

The Pinkedy Pug's Posterior, The Pink Picket Fence, and More...

Coco, the elderly "Pinkedy Pug," with
the pink striped posterior!

There's no reasoning with a pug. They do what they want to do, they don't do anything that doesn't benefit them in some way -- oh, say, something with a treat involved -- they can be stubborn while at the same time so charming with their funny little faces that you can't resist them, and even the workmen here were completely disarmed by the pugs, so that when Coco wanted to help paint the fence they just weaved around her precariously with paint buckets and brushes waving about in the air, trying not to trip over the little old chubby girl who seemed always to be underfoot, posterior to the picket, so to speak. Big Dog Moe tried to help, but when he saw that there was a pug involved he made it clear that he was not about to lower himself to the ridiculous doings of the pugs and went inside to take a nap. If you look real close, however, you can see one front paw with pink paint on it. I tried to get a closeup but the picture was too blurry...

(Note: Suspicious front right pink paw...)

When the new picket fence started to get painted I was wild with glee. Oh! All of the flamingos coming are going to think they died and went to heaven. (There are always flamingos, and gnomes, along with mermaids and other magical creatures in my gardens.)

When one has a vision, and sees it being made manifest, the bright colors, the garden areas in the making, soon to have the soil made rich and fertile for the planting to begin, it does something to you. I remember that old quote, "If you can dream it, you can make it so." And so I am.

Sampson went in to check out the pink garden fence, but
he is far too fastidious to have gotten near the paint, and
looked askance at Coco who was just wiggling her chubby
little self about, filled with joy and the pinkedy stripes,
and Sam said something that I thought was rude to her.
He thought he should have been an only pug, and has
never understood why we took in a boatload of them!

And finally, with the fence painted, and the purple gate in
place, the sheer magic of the place ever unfolding, I looked
out over my little paradise with such joy. They say it's
never too late to be what you might have been. And I add,
"It's never too late to create what you've always wanted
to create." Hence, "Mermaid Cove". And I am thrilled!

A perspective shot down to the shed. The garden area
inside the fence is 16x20'. And with the built in flower
boxes along the porch, I'll get a good start in this year.

In the end, you never really finish what will someday be a very large garden. This year I have had restored and painted what are the "bones" of the garden, even if I can't or won't get to those areas for the next 2 or 3 years. You establish the bones, and start with one area, doing all you can there for the first couple of years or so. I chose the area closest to the house to begin, since I walk out onto my deck many times a day the gardens on this side will be created first, even though I know I will continue to add and refine even as I move on to other areas. I want you to see something for the sake of perspective...

You've seen close-up pictures of the Magic Ship and the
newly painted lime and pink garden shed. But as you
will see they are at the far back of the property and
there will be a lot to cover before I get back that far.
But as I look into the distance the color delights me so
that I can keep going and going and going like the
Energizer Bunny! I can also look around the yard
and imagine my way into the garden areas to come.

And so now the Pinkedy Pug and the rest of us are going to take a nap. We will drift off listening to the beautiful songs of the wild birds, and tinkling of the windchimes, and every single day I thank God for this magical place I call my home. There will be a lot of work to do in the time ahead, but oh! what joy to be able to do it.

Stay tuned. You will see the garden areas planted this year in stages as they grow with notes on what is planted and more.

Take care and follow your heart toward the creation of your dreams. You might have to adjust them a little (I used to live on twenty acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains with a huge greenhouse, now I am creating my own little paradise in an old neighborhood. The 6' tall privacy fence helps a lot, as well as the child inside of me who is finally coming out to play.).

Put on your garden clothes. We could use some help here!

Maitri, who will likely be stripedy herself before it's all over...


Lin said...

If you have pets, you can count on somebody getting paint on them. It never fails! :)

Jenny said...

Maitri this is sheer joy!

Jonha said...

Awww, your pets are soo cute and I love the pink fence! :)

Clueless said...

Painting? Everyone gets paint on themselves. Don't know how it happens, but it is a rule of life.

Split Rock Ranch said...

Wow - your yard is going to be such a colorful, fabulous, cheerful place to be!

aris said...

Nicw article..Cute pets..

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