Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Late, I'm Late, For A Very Important Date (Blog Entry!)...

"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"
~The White Rabbit, Alice In Wonderland" ~

Well dearie me (blushing like mad!). I had promised to get an entry up with the rest of the pictures so far for the new Mermaid Cove Garden, sanctuary and more, but so much has happened this week that I not only haven't had time to write it but we are at the tail end of the work to be done and I wanted a complete entry of the process. There are many more things that I want to include. In the making of a garden it is important to first, no matter what size the garden, establish "the bones" of the garden," central areas around which I can build separate garden areas. The last pieces here are the end of the bones of the beginning, the first year's projects, hence, it made more sense to do it all at once.

As I am a serious gardener with a penchant for creating English cottage gardens, with a wide variety of heirloom flowers, flowering bushes and trees, and plenty of herbs, I plan to expand my Potager (French Kitchen Garden) by beginning to create a small vegetable garden this year, and expanding from there. I will also be taking a course to achieve my Master Gardener status, as I have, for a longtime, studied gardening in many forms and studied botany as well as horticulture. I would like others to share their wisdom via comments which will include helpful hints, blogs related to gardening, and other blogs or sites that include a wealth of tips for your gardening zone wherever you are in the world.

So you see I have been deep in thought about how to handle all of these things, and dealing with workers who were supposed to be finished by now but couldn't because of the rain, and shopping for and putting up bird feeders EVERYWHERE. There is much more to come. Bear with me while I get it all together!

So I am very sorry that that whole thing hasn't come together yet, but it's coming. And I hope it will be worth the wait. It takes awhile to create a magical wonderland.

Warm regards and deepest blessings to all...


Jude said...

I'm sure you will get everything together and I'll keep checking back to see your progress even though I'm leaving Entrecard.

Maitri said...

Thanks Jude honey,

You will be sorely missed on EC. I haven't had time to leave comments as I wish I had with my mother's long illness, the move and more, but I always read your blog and love it. It is one of the great blogs in the blogosphere. I wish you well in your endeavors and I will look forward to keeping up with you. I think you are on my Maitri's Heart blogroll. If not I'll put you on right now so I can keep track of you regularly.

Hugs and love,


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