Friday, November 30, 2012

This Is An Orange Polka Dotted Swiss Moment...

Dear Ones,

What is written below was written on my new page on Facebook, the page for Dragonfly Cottage Studio where I work and spend most of my days. With much time and reflection I have truly realized that what I have suspected, and been told by friends and fellow writers for much longer, is that the time I spend here on the blog writing long thoughtful entries, though I love to do it, has really drained my writing energy which has made it very difficult for me to get my books and other work written and out into the world. As I said last time I love this blog and will still be in and out, but you will mostly find me on the new page because it is an extension of my studio, my working days, many different types of works and moods and materials and thoughts, some soft and soulful, something downright silly, some contemplative, and some for creative inspiration and sharing resources. 

I have tried to fit myself into a mold for far too long and it's gotten kind of crowded in here. To be as expansive as I want to be, as I know I can be, I have to let all of me blossom and blow up and bounce all over the place like, as I wrote to SARK today, a jitterbugging jellybean. In fact that part of she that is me will be in a new book I'm creating, and there are 2 very different kinds of books in the works. 

I wanted to share with you, below, what I wrote on the new Facebook page so you will understand and visit me there, and do "Like" the page and get on the mailing list to receive freebies and goodies and just plain old home-cooked cottage info. It's about to get a lot more active.

I'm sending you all big love and hugs, and I'll see you here soon, in perhaps a slightly different way than I have. "Maitri's Heart," MY heart, is big and holds a lot, and it always will, and it's time to share it all...


"This is the beginning of something new. 

Real new. 

Only here will this work. 

 I am redefining who I am as a writer and artist, and allowing all the facets of myself to express themselves however they see fit. There are the "Deep Listening Soul Guide" moments and those come from a tender deep place inside of me, but there's more of me than that, lots more, and so I will have different icons, if you will, with different types of entries. in different moods, voices, colors and styles. I am looking around my studio at all of the different elements that are here that I love and I am trying them on in front of the mirror. Some of them will be crazy. Some tender and gentle, some downright peculiar -- maybe -- some painfully honest, and some unabashed works of fiction -- I think. 

 Inotherwords, I am now going to use this space on Facebook as a room in my studio. Process, product, things I'm trying out, things that may succeed beyond my wildest expectations, things that will flop, and I won't be afraid for any of it to happen because it's honest, it's real. 

I am not so much a marketable product as a smorgasbord and it all started in 4th grade when I took a sewing class on Saturdays and while I was one of the only kids in a class of mainly adults we were all so painfully bad that on the last day the teacher actually cried and said if she ever had another class like us she was going to stop teaching. Sobbing, she was sobbing. 

NONE of us had finished our projects, not a one. The year was 1964 -- so be kind, although even then I think it was downright ridiculous -- but I chose a pattern of a dress with too many ruffles to count and -- wait for it -- orange dotted Swiss material. Can you imagine how ghastly it would have been if I actually finished it and WORE it some place??? 

I'm quite certain if I were the teacher I'd have jumped off a bridge. 

So when I'm in this mood on this page which is now pretty much taking the place of my blog, although it will still be there, (I can pop in and out of here at random and for fun or a few thoughtful moments but I have realized that the long thoughtful pieces I wrote for my blog were just plain draining my writing energy away. Nuh-uh. No can do. I've got books to write, classes to create, and places NOT to go.)

I promise these will not usually be this long, but I had to kind of explain it to myself and let you listen in. If you made it this far, thanks. and maybe someday I'll drag that material out and make you a dress." 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Where Have I Been? I Want To Share My New Work With You!

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Dragonfly Cottage Studio Facebook page...

Dear Ones...

There comes a time when, after all of our struggles to "figure out" what we are "supposed to do" one day it just creeps up on us when we are not looking and all of a sudden we are doing, unaware, and we look down, startled, and say, "Well for heaven's sakes, where in the world did THAT come from?" And so it has been for me these last weeks which is why you haven't seen me here. I will still be here, in and out, but I really hope that you will visit my new Facebook page because it is not really a business page, or a fan page, but a place where I share inspiration, insights into the creative life, and snippets of the book that I am writing -- the one that came to me when I wasn't looking, after struggling for years to write a book that I realized it simply wasn't the right time to write (Some of us are a little slow on the uptake!).The new book is called The Deep Listening Soul Guidebook and it comes out of a wide array of experiences, training, and just plain living life -- nearly 40 years of writing, teaching a creative journal writing class for 30 years, becoming an Interfaith Minister with an unconventional ministry that was more about taking it to the streets, so to speak, online, in person, in various writing venues, and more, sharing an open hearted spirituality that accepts all faiths under one umbrella, seated in loving-kindness, compassion, and non-judgement. I then became a Reiki Master, a Shambhalla Master Healer, and, having created a life of solitude wherein living amidst nature, gardens, and animals, inside and out, and a lot of time in prayer and meditation, committing my life to spreading love, healing, and works of the spirit as I was guided to do so, I found myself creating "Deep Listening Soul Guidance" which has already been a tremendous gift to me and others, and in sharing these pieces, which are sections of a book that will be 365 days of inspiration, guidance, and support, and many venues connected to the book and this work, as well as taking a very limited number of private students once the book is out, I have found my true calling, everything I have wanted to do all rolled into one.

While there are already quite a number of these on the new Dragonfly Cottage Studio Facebook page (a new one goes up everyday), I would like to share one with you here so that you can get a feel for what I'm doing, although day to day they may be very different, some include journal exercises coming out of 3+ decades of teaching a very unique process, but most are pieces that are spirit led in the writing, and meant to be experienced as your own guide, no matter what form that might take for you, speaking to you. The book will be something you can read in order or "randomly" flip to any page, although I don't really believe in "random," rather I believe that the message that you find that day was meant for you. It has already been so for thousands and the Facebook page is growing at a rapid rate, and being followed by people in numbers increasing exponentially by the day, startling and delighting me, and feels as if it is affirmation that I am truly on the right path with my work.

And so I will share with you, now, one of the pieces that has been read by more than 14,000 people. I hope that you will visit and "Like" the page and sign up for the free newsletter. There is a sign up form on the right on this page and a link to sign up both on the new Facebook page and on my website, Maitri Libellule at Dragonfly Cottage.

"You can't remember, now, because your days are so full and you feel, so often, as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and life has, at times, been too heavy a burden to carry. You forget that you are a miracle, filled with grace. It has fallen in the darkness of the forgotten when the blinding light of daylight allows you only to see what's right in front of you. But close your eyes and let me help you remember. Don't think too hard, just rest easy, feel my hand gently upon your shoulder, the soft kiss on your forehead. I want you to know this...

I was with you in the womb as you were formed and grew into the miraculous being that would one day walk in these shoes with unlimited potential, no matter what the obstacles.

I was with you when you were a child, and though the children on the playground were not always kind, and you didn't get A's in every subject, I saw so much amazing potential in you that I knew no matter what, and however long it took, one day you, too, would realize that potential and break the chains that have bound you for far too long. As long as there is breath in your body it is never to late to fulfill your purpose.

It doesn't matter what color your skin, what country you were born in or live in today. It matters not your economic standing, or who you know, or what you do in your daily life. You are still the miracle that I wrapped my wings around when you were in the womb, and I am here with you now, as I will be until the end and beyond. I am the angel that was assigned to you at the moment of conception, and whether you made it into this world, and no matter what your life in this world has been, it all has purpose and meaning beyond what human eyes can see. You don't even have to believe anything that I am saying. It matters not.

My only reason for visiting you today is so that you will know, deep in your heart, that you are not alone, that you have never been alone, that in your darkest hours you are cherished beyond imagining. It is not in my power to change the course of your human life, but I will never leave you, and know and take comfort in this. You are the blessed miracle who took your first breath as I watched with tears in my eyes. You have never been more precious than you are right now, in this moment.

Take that knowledge and take tender care of your precious life. Go forth from here and know that there is nothing that is not possible when you realize your worth. I already see the spark of change, imperceptibly, taking place, and it is a marvel to witness. There is nothing you cannot do, there is nothing you cannot be, and you are loved, you ARE love, love is the fuel that runs the engine of your deepest dreams. Love your way to them, and I will be right by your side. Lean into me when you need me, talk to me, never forget that you are never alone. Always remember that I am always here..."

From, "The Deep Listening Soul Guidebook," 
copyright 2012, Maitri Libellule.
And so, dear friends, I have come at last to this deep work, and my heart has never felt so full, my intentions have never been more pure. I rise to this work each morning and pray that a message might come that will help others, and I write with my tiny blind pug in my lap, and send my love to you...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't Let Overwhelm Overwhelm You & Gently Releasing Medication That Helps With Anxiety...

"Dream small dreams. If you make them too big, you get overwhelmed and you don't do anything. If you make small goals and accomplish them, it gives you the confidence to go on to higher goals."

~o~ John H. Johnson ~o~

Music calming me while I write:
Reiki sound healing music by Deuter
Click on his name to hear his
beautiful healing music...

Dear Beautiful Souls...

Deep Breath.

Healing reiki music fills the studio and helps my body relax. I do gentle reiki on myself and my animals. We slip into a calmer, quieter space, inside and out. My tiny blind pug is asleep on my feet under the blanket over my lap. Becoming a Reiki Master was one of the most important things I have ever done for myself. As a woman with bi polar disorder and a severe anxiety disorder when I get into these hard places I now have tools that help me through and I use them.

I have also been listening to dolphin music. The song of the dolphins calms me like almost nothing else and speaks to me in a language that my conscious mind cannot understand but my soul sings with, as if swimming through and leaping up out of the waves with the dolphins. The movement, seen and felt with eyes closed and my breath slow and regular, brings me into balance. We have to learn self-care, we have to learn how to manage life without being over-medicated. I am at the beginning of decreasing, slowly, a very powerful medication, with my doctor's guidance, that I have been on for years for anxiety. It is -- I almost said "a very hard time for me" but this is not true. It is a time of deep awareness and concentrated discipline. -- I will not allow my senses to be medicated keeping a veil eternally between myself and what lies around me. Some medication I will always have to take, but I will handle the relentless, lifelong anxiety naturally and without the aid of drugs once I gently taper off. There are so many herbs and natural alternatives, but reiki and music help me most of all. Breathwork and meditation. I just bought an iPod, the classic, not fancy, but I have been filling it with music and meditation material. I will do what I can to be drug free except for the bi polar medication that I will always be on. Less is more, and I will be happy with less.

And I have been so overwhelmed, by the smallest details, that sitting with the pugs, huddled together with their soft warm bodies and soothing music, has been the best medicine. I wrote to a very dear woman that I was supposed to begin working with once a week starting tomorrow. Something has stopped me every time I tried to do the prep work and this is not like me. When this happens I know that spirit is speaking to me and I heed the call of spirit. I have asked her if we can reschedule after the holidays.

Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by overwhelm. Stop. Right where you are. Breathe in and out slowly and consciously relax your body from your toes up to the top of your head, very, very slowly. Now get out a piece of paper and write down every single thing you are "supposed" to be doing. Now cross off every single thing that you can. 

I am working on an eBook that will be going out to my mailing list. I am very happy with it so far and it will be finished soon but I cannot press or rush myself right now and I think the best thing I can do for the dear ones on my list is to take care of myself, for in doing so it will perhaps allow them the space to be gentler and kinder to themselves. I always get the work done, and what I've learned is that when it comes right down to it there is really very little you can't cross of your list. When you've crossed everything off that you think you can let it sit for awhile and then go back and make a list of the things that were left. Breathe, relax, let the energy in your body release, flow, and go. Now, look at that list again and see what else you can cross off. Learn to say no, kindly. We must always be kind to those around us as we let go of their expectations. You may be giving them a gift, a gift that says, "Take care of yourself dear one, it's okay to let go, it's okay to say no, the right time will come, and then we will proceed if it feels right to do so."

Drift, Dream, Let Go...

This is my work now. This is what is burbling up like a gentle brook rising inside of me. My soul's calling has become clearer. I am called to work with people with a technique I have developed and long prepared for called "Deep Listening Soul Guidance." It is the exact right thing that I am supposed to do, but I tried to rush it and I pulled back. I have the domain name and have begun to design the website but I will do it when the time is right and it will be early next year. If I am to guide other tender souls I have to shepherd my own first into a place of calm and relaxation, I have to listen to my heart's call. This is the best gift I can give my students and myself. Drift, dream, let go... until later. 

I am completely wrapped in Deuter's music. My whole body is sinking into this chair and in a moment I will pick up my tiny blind girl and cuddle her to me and we will have a quiet day here. No pressures. Gently guiding yourself into this space can feed you in such a beautiful, fulfilling way that when you return to the tasks at hand you can accomplish more than you ever knew you could. We can give to overflowing from a full cup, never the reverse. 

And so I leave you now to cuddle my babies and listen to this music. I am cold. I will wrap myself in blankets and build a fire. My body is releasing a medication that it has been on for many years and it is serious work for my body, even slowly, gently, and guided by my doctor. It is the most important work that I can do now. And so I will relax into this space and be ever so gentle with myself, and enjoy the aromas, the house redolent of the meat and vegetables and spices in the crockpot filling the cottage. I am easing my way into ease. I am reaching out and touching you gently on the cheek and hoping that you might do the same. Be ever so gentle and kind to yourself. Tender. Love yourself enough to put you first, all the while holding your dear ones in your heart. Taking care of yourself is the best gift that you can give them. Trust me. I know.

I go now to make a cup of tea and breathe with my little fur girl on my belly. So tea, reiki, music, puglings, warm covers, and doing whatever I am led to do by spirit on this interesting journey ahead is my work now. 

It is time, I am ready, it is part of a new life unfolding. I am awake, aware, at peace, and so, I pray, are you...

Warm Regards and Deepest Blessings to all...