Thursday, June 17, 2010

When Your Only Help Is Eldery Pugs, Things Move Slowly + Redecorating (Blogwise) + New Fiber Blog...


Well, first of all may I say that I spoke a little too soon yesterday. Yes, yes, yes the batts are trudging forward into the shop but the only help I have is 4 elderly pugs and well, as the saying goes, good help is hard to find. This is what I have to put up with...

Babs: "I'm blind. I don't have to help. I just
have to sit here and look cute..."

Well fer cryin' out loud, what can you say to that?


Sampson: "If this requires me getting out of bed
you can count me out. I'm not a morning person.
Or an afternoon person. Come to think of it I'm
not much of an evening person either. Go ask

Harvey: "I had (sniff), such a hard life (sniff)
before I came here, I'm way too fragile (sniff)
to help because I don't have all of my (sniff)
issues worked out yet (sob). Go ask Coco...

Yes, Harvey actually sobs and sounds like a baby crying if I am 3' away and he can't see me.

Coco: "I don't do anything without treats. Lots
and lots of treats. Show me a treat and I might
help out. For a minute. Give me three treats
and maybe I won't piddle on the batt before
it gets to the shop."

I think I'm doomed.  I'm going to have to do the whole thing myself and I'm still finishing the 10th batt and I have two huge spindles here next to me to spin up two new kinds of yarn which will be my "Pug Fun Yarns." These are art yarns which are handspun on a spindle and are a bit of a free for all, and with the pugs not helping and me realizing that the business side of things also has to be worked out (shipping and payment policies, and so on) it's taking a little bit longer to get the shop opened than I'd hoped. Maybe another day or two.


I have had this template for quite awhile now and I really don't want to change it, however it was a free template that is not flexible and no longer meets my needs so if you hear banging about and the sloshing of paint, rude language as I stub my toe or dump paint on a pug, just bear with me as I: 

A.) Create a new template for this blog

B.) Create one of the new "pages" you can now create for an existing blog here at Blogger for my new fiber blog. When I started "Maitri's Heart" is was meant to be a blog about my inner life or life here at Dragonfly Cottage. It was not meant to be overrun with store-talk, things for sale, or entry after entry showing my fiber art. I have been very displeased with this so I am going to create a blog page connected to the main blog where my art, life as an artist, and information about the etsy shop can be located. 
Again, I am juggling more than a few things here at once and how it all comes out in the wash is anybody's guess. There are so many things to do I am googly-eyed and standing on my head trying to figure the whole thing out...

Wish me luck. I'm going to need it. And if you have a few spare treats for the dogs to help get them moving, send them to this address:

The Pokey Little Pugs
Dragonfly Cottage
Old Pug Lane
Coastal North Carolina
Trust me, you don't need more than that. We have a peculiar reputation in this town. It will get here. 


* Michael * said...

Cute dogs pics!

ceemee said...

Good luck! Your dogs are funny! Hope they help even just a bit.

imelda said...

wow they are cute looking dogs, i love this post. very humorous

Poetic Shutterbug said...

They are just so adorable and I bet so much fun to have around.

Kloggers/Polly said...

I just love the way that you have changed the blog Maitri .... and of course I love your precious, sweet pugs!

Campbell Jane said...

So cute! You've got those dogs really figured out. haha I'd help if I could. :)

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