Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gone Batty For Pugs...

The reason I do what I do and why 20% of all sales in my fiber shop will go directly to Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue, the incredible rescue where my four much loved senior pugs came from, is in the picture below! The rest of the proceeds from the shop will go to caring for my elderly pugs whose vet bills can get a little steep but I would not have it any other way. I will always have the sweet old ones that often are not adopted because they are not cute little puppies or youngsters with a longer expected life span. It will be heartbreaking when I lose my precious ones, but I will always adopt more seniors or disabled pugs that need a loving home. People don't know what they are missing with these older pugs. They are more settled and calm, old souls who are pure love and the greatest companions. To them, and to MAPR, I dedicate my fiber work, and will be changing the name of my etsy shop, before it opens, to Pug Love Fiber Art. I am in the process of making a new banner for the shop now...

From left to right: Sampson (12), Coco (14, deaf),
and Harvey (11).

Wee little Babs, my precious tiny girl, first of
the pugs to come to Dragonfly Cottage, now
15, blind, and deaf, and a more precious tiny
girl never existed in her Mama's mind!
next batt I make is going to be black and red
and I call it, "Tiny Black Babs With A Cherry
On Top." And she is that sweet!

These woven pieces I call "Fluffy Pug Weaves"
which are finger woven with a multitude of
fibers, not yarn, and will be felted, and of
many different sizes and shapes.

Sunday's newest "Pug Love Batt" called "Pugs Like Purple Sweaters." There is nothing cuter than a dressed up pug, but I have never dressed my seniors up except for Babs who is actually wearing a freeform hat I made for a handmade art doll in the picture below. And no, the photo is not photo-shopped, she is actually wearing it, though I think I took about a dozen photos to get a quick picture! But oh, this violet, purple, and wine colored batt would make wonderful yarn to knit a puggy sweater, and it is a HUGE batt!

Doesn't she look thrilled? This
picture was taken about 2 years
ago before she was completely
blind. I wouldn't put her through
it today but she sure looked cute!

Choosing fibers for today's batt, and on the drum carder...

The batt just off the carder. I had to lay it out in the couch because it is well over 3' long so I had to take the close-up shots in sections. Also, these aren't the best pictures as the batts are really sparkly and luminescent, but they will be re-photographed for the shop. I have an 8 megapixel camera in my cell phone which I used here, but my 12 megapixel Nikon will be used for the shop...

The batt being rolled...

Top of batt...

The first five batts ready to go. When there are 10 the shop will open, and then will come the "Pug Love Handspun Yarns" and the "Fluffy Pug Weaves." The next two batts are already planned. They are the black and red one dedicated to Babs, and one called "Pugs Love Pretty Dresses" which actually looks like a bowl of fruit salad! I have a vast number of hand-spindles and you can see some of them here behind the batts. I have 2 wheels which are in storage and there is a new one soon to come. I have a garage full of fiber and plan to do a lot of batts, handspun yarns, woven pieces, and many other fiber art pieces for the shop. The pugs need the help and Lord knows I've got to work my way through this fiber!

So that's my Sunday in the studio. Now I'm going to clean up all of the purple wools, silks, rayon and more that went in today's batt, and get the black and red set up for wee little Babsie's batt. And then I shall meditate on this gorgeous purple mum. There is no shortage of beauty and love here at the cottage...


Puglette said...

yummy colors! i am going to end a link to my friend, melissa langer. she makes adorable crocheted sweater vests for pugs and other small dogs. you are both so creative! hugs to all your pug, we have three and are considering a fourth! plus we have a non-pug, a crabby old gal. she's an 11 year old corgi-pom mix.
see you on facebook!

winter gurl said...

your dog very cute and chubby .Very love them

Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME cause Maitri. They are all so darn cute. I wish I could just give them a big old Pug hug. Have a wonderful and blessed Monday Maitri.

God bless,

Lily Arbee said...

Hi Maitri,
What a wonderful thought to focus on those animal who really in geat need of help like the deaf, the blind and the elderly and aging. Most people only go for beauty and to those almost perfect to keep as their pets unlike you.

In my case, though I love to see and admire cute and beautiful kitties, I rather not buy them even though I like them so much, I would prefer to safe the most needy too. If you look at Simba in my latest FF post, he is such a beauty, I took him as a tiny kitten and with much love and care, he turned out to be almost perfect looking young male cat.

How I wish many will follow your footsteps too. I have cats from good breed too and I can breed them and make money to sell their cute kittens, but I choose not to, I rather spay them and help those abandoned kittens whether they are local and not pedigree and not really cute, we should help them because not many want to keep them. Miracle will happen as they grow with love and care, like what you are doing too, they definitely will turn out to be beautiful pets in the end. All they need is love and proper care.

All your pugs look good even though they are deaf and blind and handicap because you really take the interest in taking good care of them giving all your love and care!

Bravo my friend, you will be blessed with all your good deeds and I pray that you will be successful in whatever you do as you have a good heart to donate most of it to the unfortunate animals.

God bless you deareast Maitri.

Grace said...

What is a "batt" and what would someone use them for? Just curious...

Hot Rocks said...

I love pugs! We had one for 17 years.

Fisher and Staff said...

That is so neat you are using your art to help the dogs. My staff has a page on for artists pawing forward and I will put a link to your blog on it.

Duni said...

your pugs are just so adorable, I want to hug them all :)
Love your batts - such beautiful colours!

sandy said...

Your fibers are awesome colors. Where is your shop? Just had great fun over the wkend visiting a fiber shop that had sheep and llama's on site. Oh....I didn't have enough time to see and feel everything.

My passion is more people oriented than animal. The cold hungry homeless who sometimes die for lack of warmth.

Perhaps you'd like to donate a scarf, hat, or some mittens? Knitted or crocheted we get a nice mixture.

Swing by for a visit where you can see all the info on the homeless on The Bridge and Beyond, and the pictures of the shop are on Traveling Suitcase.

Gonna send my SIL your link, as she too does animal rescue's.


Michelle said...

That is SO sweet that you take care of the older dogs and those with special needs AND donate your time and work profits to their well - being. I agree that the older animals are special. I remember worrying about my cats getting old. I know now that there are far worse things with Coco developing cancer at four and passing away at 5. Your work is incredibly beautiful. Have a wonderful day :

Jaya said...

I love the photo of Babs in the hat!

Jen said...

Your wool is beautiful and that picture is adorable (the hat on the pug). What a worthy cause.

jellybelly said...

I love pugs! In fact I love all dogs but I like pugs and retrievers best.

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