Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tiny Little Thoughts ~ Reverence...

"Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world."

~ John Milton ~

Since my last entry I have received a number of dear e-mails saying, "You're not going to quit blogging are you?" I was touched that what I wrote meant something to some, and I want to assure you that no, I am not going to stop blogging, and I am not only going to write a post once in a blue moon, but my way since I've had this blog was to wait until I had something, for the most part, that moved me profoundly, or delighted me so much that I wanted to share it, and these would be long entries, and just now I don't have the energy or the space in my mind and life to do that. And so I have been giving it a lot of thought...

It's funny how we set all these parameters around us in our world about the way things are supposed to be so that we end up boxing ourselves in and don't know how to do anything any other way. I can write a brief entry, like this one, and probably like most of them in the weeks and maybe months ahead, where I can share little moments, epiphanies, tiny revelations, winding meanderings of the mind, and they can mean as much or more than long, sometimes ponderous philosophical ramblings that I'm sure were too long for some people to stay with anyway, but even in saying that I can't write for other people, worry what they think to the extent that I am not true to my own inner imperative about what is necessary and right for me. And so I will be scattering these tiny little thoughts, breadcrumbs along the path, as they arise, on no particular time-table.

Such enormous changes are happening in my life right now that I was crashing into walls and falling in heaps in every direction trying to do too much too fast too soon. I have been told, "You need to take 30 days and do nothing." Of course one has to do the business of life -- feeding and caring for the animals and myself, working a little each day in my garden and on my book even if it's just staring at the blank page and typing one word. It's a word, on a page, it's something, and there's a humbling reverence around the great effort, the space inside oneself, that it can take to write one word.

"O snail
Climb Mount Fuji,
But slowly, slowly!"

~ Haiku by Issa ~

Japanese Poet and Buddhist Monk
Translated by Robert Blyth

My words are like a snail on the page, they will move slowly, and with reverence for the word and the whole world around it. My dogs, my dinner, my parrots, my laundry, the seedlings sprouting in the garden, tiny baby chicks in a friend's hand, a postage stamp on an envelope.

Reverence. Today's word is reverence. I am going to live inside this word for awhile. I lay it gently down here on "the page" for you to consider. And now I go on about my day.


Victoria SkyDancer said...

Ah, the *dynamic tension* between the DO-ing and the BE-ing! We all find an equilibrium point that suits us...and the journey toward finding that point is rarely a dull one.

I look forward to enjoying your "postcards" on your journey of equilibrium. :-)

ps-this is why I REALLY like Twitter, so I can microblog tiny thoughts! ;-)

Blessed Be,

imelda said...

yes that's the spirit! once a blogger always a blogger, have a happy day

kayni said...

new to your blog but i found some solace reading your thoughts. thank you.

Katherine said...

Unplugged. Love it. You are a beautiful writer!

I have green cheeks.. will dig through and see what kind you have! :)

Jen said...

I try not to box myself in for these very reasons. Write what you want and when you want. We will be here when you do.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

The haiku says it all - anything rushed is not worth the time. I enjoyed your post and completely understand your thought process.

ethanINOSENTE said...

It's okay that you take one step at a time. Life is just a one time oppurtunity. You can never have time for everything. It's okay if you cannot write everything in your blog, but we will be sad if you totally stopped blogging.

Take a break (have a kitkat), then relax. Find time to enjoy what realy suits your needs. We readers will always be here for you :) so smile! and bee happy

Ninja Media said...

beautiful words you write here. Long live blogger :)

Lisa said...

True to self is a hard concept for me to hold, for what exactly is it, this self? Intent living is all I know and at times there are few words to express such. My 'true' writings are not mostly posted. Therefore, I blog on what the moment presents...mostly rants...but oh so cleansing.

Good luck to you;)

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