Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Thank You to the lovely new owner of "Beatrix, Rainbow Serpent Of The Dreamtime..."

I want to send out a warm hug and a thank you to Mary, who wrote a note which truly touched me, and for which I am deeply grateful. She purchased Beatrix, Rainbow Serpent Of The Dreamtime.

You can see her in entries further down, both being made and finished, and she is meant to be worn as a long scarf, or coiled around the neck as above, or even as a household protector used in many and various ways. She is Freeform Fiber Art, 8' long, and was a joy to make. Beatrix, her name, means joy.

Mary, the lovely woman who purchased her before she was even finished, wrote a thank you note to me and said I could share it, since it was going to go in my etsy shop but she bought it before it could so there was no way to leave feedback and let people see the work. Mary said I could share what she wrote, so with many gracious thanks, I share with you what she wrote to me...

Dear Maitri,

Thank you so much for sending Beatrix. She is more beautiful than I could have imagined. Her photos didn’t do her justice! She is truly a work of art, and I am honored to have her in my home. You so obviously infused her with love and warmth.

She is a true totem, and radiates happiness. I get a warm feeling every time I touch her. Thank you for allowing me the honor of having her in my home, and I look forward to your next piece! Much love and gratitude,

Mike and Mary

I was deeply touched by the kind note. I thank Mary and Mike for giving Beatrix a good home, for supporting my work, and for their gracious thank you note. For an artist, who works, as all artists do, in a vacuum, the affirmation means more than than I can say. I am humbled, grateful and delighted past measure.



Jaime said...

Beatrice is indeed beautiful. I can only imagine how lovely she must be in person if her photos are so wonderful. ;)

Maitri Libellule said...

Thank you so much Jaime, that means a lot. I am working on finishing another piece now and it really is, for me, work of the soul, so your kind words mean a lot.

Blessings to you and yours this holiday season...


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