Friday, November 23, 2007

An Intuitive Artist Watches Her Work Shapeshift In Her Hands (A Photo Essay!)...

What is Shapeshifting?

It has a fabulous and wonderful mystique, and is also an extremely subtle and well hidden art. It is about “thinking yourself” into another place. You take everything that “shows” you to the everyday world with you. You are not there through your own mind-abilities. Or you can ask another Being if you can share their shape - if they agree, you go with them. You share your consciousness with them and they with you. You might do this because you need the wisdom of the Being with whom you travel, they may be able to help you find answers to questions.

From the website: Celtic Shamanism

This serpent was meant to be called Bettina Ballerina as I
wrote about in the last entry. She was having none of it.
The name was not the proper name for her and certainly
was not representative of the lessons she had come to teach
me. She came to teach me the lessons of shapeshifting and
being open to change, which is part of the snake's energy.
She has not yet revealed her true name to me, but we have
already taken many twists and turns and followed unknown
roads into new places in my psyche. She is my newest
teacher, and has not yet revealed
her name to me...

The beautiful blend of red, orange and
pink Coopworth wools with dyed Cotswold
locks that was meant to be the outside edge
and will now be at least 3 layers in from the

Her face without embellishment
which comes after the body is
finished. She started at 4' long
and is now 5' long with quite a
way to go...

One of the next yarns that will be added.

in the way of this type of work, another multi-
colored handspun yarn I spun a few weeks ago
has already inserted itself ahead of the yarn
shown above... It happened right in the middle
of writing this piece. When I work I go back and
forth between writing and fiber art and somewhere
between-the-whiles yet another change took place...
My work is spirit-led and I allow my self to be led,
to let the spirits guide me. One never really knows
what will come next. I am wide open to the intuitive
voice within.

This is an absolutely gorgeous yarn with a base of
seagreen supersoft Corriedale wool and many, many,
colors of different types of wool locks and bits of silk.
There is a lot of silk noil and bits of silk in this piece.

As I have now put the above spindle beside and am working in another multi-colored handspun, as I wrote above, I will leave you here. The next time you see this luscious creature she will be up in my etsy shop, Dragonfly Cottage Design Studio, under Talismanic Wearable Art, with pictures of her here, completed.

I hope you all had a beautiful, warm, loving Thanks-giving with those near and dear. I have just come in from a very cold but vibrant walk with the dogs, and it looks like hundreds of birds outside at the 7 feeders, but who can count and it doesn't matter. My heart is so wide open just now...

Warmest Regards and Deepest Blessings to All,



tangled stitch said...

Lovely colors, lovely message from the shamans, lovely scarves and lovely dog. It was a wonderful experience!

Maitri Libellule said...

Thank you so much honey, that really means a lot. This really is the work of my soul, soothing, healing, energizing, powerful. The affirmation for one's work is so powerful and really helps one move forward. Many blessings to you!


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