Thursday, October 4, 2007

Watch this and feel your spirit rise, your heart grow, more!

Dear Ones…

I normally do not share this kind of thing, but my dear friend Joseph sent it to me and I cried through the whole thing. This is spirit rising up from the depths of a soul and urging one to be all that they can. Here's what Joey wrote to me and the link. I hope it means as much to you as it did to me…

“This is a story about a guy, a guy like most of us, common, questioning his existences, measuring himself to others, never believing in his abilities or his worth. Then one day, his passion outgrew his fears as he stepped onto a stage, a stage that took him to a place beyond his self imposed prison.

Watch the faces of the judges as this guy walks out on the stage. You can almost see what they're thinking as they pre-judge this guy based on his looks and the fact that he's a cell phone salesman. Maybe this guy stopped believing in what people told him for so many years and ultimately started listening to his passion. ”

May we all have this kind of passionate belief in ourselves. And if you scroll down there's a Part 2. I cried all the way through both of them…



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