Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Day In The Life Of A Handspinner... And ... Don't Hire A Pug As An Assistant...

The day starts out as it always does, by walking the dogs.
From left to right: Wee little Babs, the black pug; Sampson,
the fawn pug; and Moe, lab-doby mix.

Absolutely nothing could possibly be accomplished
without the morning latte. Even the parrots know that...

Then I meander over, and under, around and through
my messy studio to choose fibers to blend with Sari
Silk for today's new yarn...

Sampson, my new fiber assistant mutters under his
breath, "Oh Lord, here we go again... this is a mother
only a pug could love..." (Of course all pugs discount
every other animal in the house, like the 2 other dogs,
the 5 beta fish, 5 parrots, pair of finches, pair of doves,
and their baby. To a pug, only they matter...) Note:
Sampson came with a heart on his forehead. That
did it for me! And gets him off the hook for all kinds
of things...

Then I have to work at untangling the matted Sari
Silk, made of old shredded saris from India that
I will add to the roving...

Babs: "Is she NUTS? Surely there's a better
way to do that. I say chuck it all!"

Finally it's time to spin...

NOTE TO READER: Do NOT hire a pug as an assistant!
They're awfully cute, but mostly they're asleep on the
job. They only awaken for kisses or treats. If, however,
you need a chair warmer, they're your dog, no doubt
about it!

A lot of spinning accomplished. Sampson still asleep.

A Fiber Woman's work is never done...

I decide the pug is good for something. He can hold
the Sari Silk while I take a nap....

Seriously... how much more exciting could life possibly get?

People ask me, since I now live alone, "Do you ever get lonely?" My answer is always the same. "I might, if I had the time..."



Noreen Crone-Findlay said...

Ah, Maitri my dear, Sampson looks like he is wearing a lei! How sweet is he? And to think that he had such a difficult journey before he found his forever mamma!
Your yarns look sublime, m'dear- a visual feast!
Yay! hugs

Maitri Libellule said...

Noreenie! Hello! Thank you for visiting and yes he is a little teddy bear of a boy. And as sweet as can be and a real cuddlepuss. I have told the folks at Pug Rescue that I am completely baffled by how he could have been passed around and not wanted. But their loss is my gain. I treasure this little boy, and he and Moe and Babs get along like they've lived together forever!

And thank you so much for your kind words about my yarns. I'm spinning to do fiber art for my etsy store and it has brought back such a joy to my spinning. Instead of spinning yarn and hoping the handspun will sell, I'm spinning knowing all along what I'm going to make with it and it has transformed the whole experience! Such JOY!

Big sweet hugs to you honey!

Maitri :o)

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