Friday, September 14, 2007

A Pug Snoring, Julia Child, and "It's Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been..."

Latte time is usually the best time for me to write here. It is a very peaceful morning. Soft grey skies and rain, which for the present has come to a halt, leaving everything dripping with dew, glistening, like all things born anew, which is much how I feel about my life these days. After a very difficult summer, seeing my mother through her final battle with cancer and going downhill fast after a 2 1/2 year struggle, seeing things, many things, leave my life, or having been discarded by me as no longer useful and fruitful, adding to my growth and forward movement in my life, I find myself writing and creating my new fiber artwear for pugs (and other dogs if desired by special order...) and I am minimizing and maximizing and getting everything into balance. And today I will babysit my precious three year old grandson Lucas, and then go to Curves to workout.

Doubtless the most adorable child that
ever lived ~ the absolutely unbiased
opinion of his grandmother, who would
be me....

Lucas is an incredibly intelligent 3 year old (and more people say so than just his grandmother!) and very magical and creative. When I babysit we whisper stories, sing songs, cuddle to take a nap (and he likes me to sing him to sleep) and we make up whole wonderful worlds of imaginary delight. I love being a grandmother. It is the most incredible thing that can happen to a person and I treasure my role as a grandmother with all of my heart. He likes to play with my crochet hooks (the big fat safe ones) with lots of strands of yarn I cut for him, while I do fiber work, and we talk about what we are making. His imagination is one of my deepest delights. Our times together are full of whimsy and joy and love and I come home from babysitting tired but very happy. I feel deeply blessed, and being in the room seeing your daughter give birth to her baby is the most miraculous thing in the world. And Rachel's partner Jeremy is the most amazing man, and wonderful father. They are such a special little family.

So anyway, here I am doing an entry before leaving to babysit, and what tickles me, in this moment, is the way that I write. Many writers write to music, some with the t.v. on, some to absolute silence, some in busy cafes (which I used to do...) and then there's me. No t.v., no music, but I write to the sound of a pug snoring, finches beeping and cheeping, doves cooing, parrots talking and chattering and singing, Henry the grey parrot on my shoulder giving me wise counsel and editing as I go along, and my beloved Moe, lab-doby mix, asleep, paws up, on the couch. There is also the hum of the Hepa air filter which I find comforting, and the still warm latte beside me. This is bliss. This is my happiest, most relaxed time of the day. This is the time of the day I have the time to share a few thoughts with you...

And so as I have written I have been through many changes and am coming up in whole new worlds, working busily, feeling more centered and at peace, but one does wonder, at 53, how much more one might accomplish, starting so late in life? (I have written for 30 years and done fiber art all my life, but I mean this time of a great leap forward, a new beginning with both...) So there I was last night watching a dvd of the life of Julia Child, the famous French Chef. Not only did she not even begin to cook until she was in her thirties (...before which time she said that she couldn't even boil an egg, to which her beloved husband Paul heartily agreed!) her famous t.v. show, The French Chef, she did not even start until she was in her 50's, and she wrote books into her 80's. I was just delighted! It is never too late, as they say, to be what you might have been. So this summer of transformation and change has brought me to a place of not only new beginnings, but, with batteries recharged and a more certain outlook, I am looking forward to the rest of my life, the decades ahead, with great pleasure. There is no rush, there are no pressures, there is just life unfolding. What a joyful thing to realize. What a state of contentment it brings.

As so time and work breeze along. And now you can purchase lots of different types of merchandise with pictures of Babs (My daughter Rachel did the photoshopped background colors, I took the photos...) on them, three different photos so far on multitudes of things from mugs, steins, bookbags, messenger bags, prints, tile boxes, baby clothes, intimate wear (!), tons of t-shirts and more. Simply click here to see the fun new things Babs has inspired!

Dragonfly Cottage's Wabi Sabi World ~ A Cafe Press Store

Here is an example:

I mean truly, can you tell the time more reliably than by a pug? Pug time is always the right time.

Ans so now it's time to jump into my Super Grandma Suit, (and just what that might be is TOP SECRET!) and head out to spend time with my wee little man. I hope you all have a lovely day, and remember, It's Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been...

Blessings and Love,


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