Thursday, September 20, 2007

Maitri Morphing Into A Whole New State of Being...

It all started with the pugs and the shoes.....

Well, there's no denying it... You don't get funny looking shoes and a preposterously cute pug and end up being the same person you were before. Nosirree, if I was odd before, I'm rather over the top now.

It has been a very hard, sad summer, but not long ago something in me snapped. And it was the lime green "Crocs" (the shoes above) and a little 12 year old, black, deaf pug named Babs who came to me from Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue, both in the same week. I looked at the shoes and I looked at the pug (pugs are not dogs, make no mistake...) and I starting laughing and feeling joy seep back into my being and a whole new surge of whimsy and delight shot into the cottage. May the Saints be Praised! And this Sunday a little 8 year old fawn pug named Sampson who has been moved around so much since his owner died and then he was put into and out of a number of homes, making him sad and insecure, is coming here to stay. With 2 other jolly dogs (or rather one big black dog and one tiny peanut of a black pug), one goofy animal mom, a dozen or so birds (I've stopped counting), 5 beta fish, and silly pug attire in the making everywhere, little Sampson will be a happy pug person here where he will have a permanent home with my ever-growing animal family.

I am totally in awe of how one can go to bed sad and wake up with green feet and a black pug and their whole life is changed, but so it has been. Let's start with the shoes.

I have very odd feet. I am cattywompus and go lurching about at odd angles scaring the animals and anyone in my vicinity. Due to foot surgery, then breaking the same foot, then spraining it, then falling down my staircase and literally shattering both feet spending 6 months in 2 casts and a year before I could walk well unaided, I have left the days of fashion footwear far behind.

Of course for something like 25 years I have lived in Birkenstocks. I had a few casual but nicer looking pairs of shoes to wear if I got dressier than normal (Read: Wearing something a bird hadn't pooped on at some time or other, and nicer than my everyday caftans or workout or garden clothes). Who knew the day would come when my Birkenstocks would be my "dress up" shoes and I would actually wear in public something that a bird had pooped on at some time or another (Although of course it was washed and clean when I left the house. Most of the time...)

Then came these wonderful Crocs which are by far the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and I will wear them for life. I'm bidding on some on eBay in different colors since I can get them cheaply there. I will have rainbow feet in all different colored Crocs. And now, to match, I will have different colored pugs to bring me joy and make me laugh.

You've no idea what it is to live with a beloved big black dog who is docile, and the sweetest boy in the world, and then have a little peanut sized pug come in with a personality bigger and bolder than anyone you've ever known who takes Moe's toys, bones, and plows right into him, leaving him somewhere between baffled and confused.

And then I love to pick her up and she's on my lap with her paws on my chest and we are face to face, and I nuzzle her wee little barely there nose with mine and give her lots of pugalug kisses and finally she starts wiggling about and giving me the look that says You'd best put me down NOW. There's no arguing with a pugnacious pug so down she goes. I'm told Sampson is a clingy love bug and will be hermetically sealed to my person because he has abandonment issues. I have them too, so we can cling to one another and do lots of nose kissing. Really, it makes one feel world's better. Now Moe is belly up sound asleep on the couch and Babs, who snorfled off as only a pug can and finally sunk into her round pink movie star bed and is snoring away, are tucked in for the night. We've just come in from an 11 p.m. walk and I am going to go curl up in my big chair and crochet while watching the wonderful movie about Beatrix Potter with Rene Zellwegger, and I can delight in Potter's characters as I do my own, and the gnomes will all come out and watch with me.

Yes, there are gnomes here. All over the place. And if you think they aren't real, well, then you've never really known one. In fact, I put one of my favorite gnomes and best workers (She helps me handspin yarn when she's not helping me in the garden. Her name is Matilda...) on a whole new line of Cafe Press items, from mugs to tote bags to t-shirts and more. You can see her here on a totebag. And you can click on the tote bag to go to Cafe Press to see Matilda on many other items!

So off I go to my crocheting, and Beatrix Potter with sleeping dogs, and birds all around me. At least the fish are up to keep me company. They are my late night companions.

I advise you all to look for joy and wonder wherever you can in your life. It will change your world...

Hugs and Blessings,



'Zann said...

I LOVE the new directions you are traveling. Your website looks great, blog looks great. Journey on!
love and light,

Maitri Libellule said...

Thank you so much Zann... That means so much. Did you see my note to you on your blog about Patrick? That was so beautiful. And I so appreciate your help with the list, because I've needed this time to process life. And this processing time is leading me in this new direction, and it's been a long time coming, and I will never forget your kind support.

Blessings to you honey,


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