Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Little Brief Post, About Miss Scarlet...

Dear Ones...

I just had to share the progress my little girl is making. Miss Scarlet has been here two months now. She came with no toys but her brand new cage now looks like Disneyland! Sadly she may always be a plucker, but she's healthy and happy, loves her brand new cage, and went from no toys to over a dozen that she plays with all the time. If you see the pole that goes up high with a toy hanging from it on the left, well, she will grab the toy and climb all the way up and sit on top of the pole like an Eagle on top of a mountain. Of course then she's likely to burp or, well excuse me, fart, after which she will say, in her most embarrassed tone, "Excuse ME!" Never a dull moment with a grey parrot in the house. I just love her dearly, tattered, plucked, raggedy ann-ish girl and all! 

The glorious Miss Scarlet!

Another longer entry will definitely be up today but I just had to share this! 

Happy, Healthy Birdie & Joy All Around!

And a P.S from Miss Scarlet....

"Just because I pluck doesn't give her any right to tell me I'm one feather short of the stewpot just because I pooped on a few pugs on purpose..."

"And anyway...."



Stacie said...

Looks like she has one awesome cage. Love when the parrots talk. They are birds with personality.

Melissa Jimenez said...

She is GORGEOUS!! How wonderful she's found a happy, safe home full of toys and other delightful things.

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