Monday, May 14, 2012

The Return Of The Sun...

"A leaf fluttered in through the window this morning, as if supported by the rays of the sun, a bird settled on the fire escape, joy in the task of coffee, joy accompanied me as I walked..."
~*~ Anaïs Nin ~*~

It has been a long while since I updated this blog. Not long after the last entry I tore a ligament in my knee and since then I have had to keep it elevated and on ice leaving me only able to hunt and peck with the finger of one hand, with a tiny pug insisting she be in my lap the whole time. It doesn't make typing easy, but I have thought of all of you, and all of the blog entries that I would write, and then life would sweep along and carry an imagined entry with it.

Wee little Penny on my chest at the computer...

Then my eldest daughter had her first baby, a little boy, my new little grandson, on the 3rd of April, and the excitement, flurry of phone calls, and sheer joy were all I could think about. Leg up in the air and on ice, there was a smile on my face that would not fade and in the weeks to come I scheduled my trip to see my new tiny grandson. I made it when he was 5 weeks old, just last week, wheelchair and all, and if I came home with my knee a little a worse for the wear I wouldn't have missed that trip for all the world. A new baby reminds you of all of the miracles that abound in this crazy world of ours, and to see my daughter being such a sweet mother to him moved me deeply.

Pierce's feet, one day old...

Between the birth and the trip I had my 58th birthday on April 30. I love my birthday and have never feared getting older. Each birthday is like New Year's Day to me, a time to take stock of the year just passed, as well as imagining the year to come. I dreamed of all the things I want to accomplish but this time I didn't just dream. I have started to make concrete steps toward realizing my goals. I think, as I approach 60, I realize that every day is precious and there is no time to waste. Even if I live to be 100 in the years to come I want to treasure every moment, the precious little things in life like the wild birds at the feeders, my little pugs and parrots inside, a good book to read and the one I am writing, laughing with friends, and most of all cherishing my family, loving them with all my heart, and feeling gratitude for them every day. And I wake up every morning thanking God for all of the blessings in my life, even the hard times which have been great teachings, and the joyous times which fill my cup to overflowing. I am deeply grateful for every thing in my life. It is a time of grace, and not one bit of it is lost on me. 

Too, as much as I have been able, in fits and starts, hobbling about the garden for short periods, I have planted thousands of seeds, and I have had help getting plants and roses in the garden that I had planned on doing myself, but they are in now just the same. And the 500 daffodils planted last fall were such a glory in February and March it left me breathless, luminous sunshine everywhere even on the darkest days.

It has been a year of sweeping change, broken hearts, and the jubilation of new life. In February there was a suicide in the family, and in April the new baby. There has been so much to take in that it has colored everything, everyday, adding to the knowledge that I want to live every moment with great love for those around me. I knew it before but it has become more poignant this year and my life will never be the same. Nothing is taken for granted now and everything has taken on the radiance that new possibilities bring. And life has brought more than I could have imagined.

In 2008 I lost my beloved African grey parrot, Henry. He was my soul mate, my constant companion, and I have never gotten over the loss. I was contacted by my dear friend Jeffrey while I was visiting my daughter, son-in-law, and new baby telling me that there was a grey and two other small parrots if I would accept them into my life. The grey, a small girl named Sparky, was badly plucked, and while she was much loved the couple who had her were both gravely ill and could keep her no longer. I agreed to take her and she arrived here even as I was flying home. I arrived with a new grey waiting for me, and my heart nearly leapt out of my body. I renamed her "Miss Scarlet," and she is precious beyond words. I am already working on the task of helping her grow her feathers back and keeping a log of the journey. She says nearly 300 words and phrases and is such a delight I simply can't tell you how she has already changed my life. A new light is shining here at Dragonfly Cottage, brighter than the sun, and she is part of the beginning of this 59th year of growth, change, and delights I cannot yet imagine. What a way to start this new year.

Miss Scarlet, a bit raggedy but on her way to
becoming fully feathered. She is already giving
me kisses and is amazingly sweet for a grey,
usually wary and temperamental.

And so I am back to the blog, and it has a new look. It was time. And I am excited about blogging more, of publishing little books throughout the year even as I write the longer one, as I watch my garden grow, snuggle with my 4 rescue pugs, love this houseful of parrots, and watch the days unfold, looking forward to what life may hold. I hope you have been well these days, and I wish you joy and love from this little crew of mine and myself as we forge ahead in the days to come. I removed the comment sections after the posts which were scattered and often, I'm ashamed to say, not answered. In lieu of the comments section I invite you to leave notes on my message board at the top of this blog and I will answer every one. It is easier this way, and communing with my readers is important to me and a delight. 

It is past 7 and my daughter that lives here will be here by 8. Mondays are our special time together when she leaves her 8 year old son, my precious grandson, and her sweet husband, to have a "girl's night" here with me. I look so forward to these special nights, times of laughter and good talk, of sharing and watching something special on t.v. (Right now "Dancing With The Stars." We love it and call in feverishly for our favorite contestants. cheering them on!)

As I close little Penny pug is barking indignantly because she wants to be picked up, and Miss Scarlet is telling me rather insistently that it is time to go night-night, and the other little ones are ready for their evening time when mom is away from the computer and in the cozy room on the couch where she belongs so they can all get up and cuddle with me. Off I go to get the parrots to bed, and I wish you all a pleasant evening. I'll be back soon, and think of you fondly until I return.

Warm Regards and Deepest Blessings to All...