Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I have been waiting for you for a long time...

My Dear Readers...

I have been giving a great deal of thought lately to how lucky I am that you are there. It is also my firm belief that while people are quick to complain when something is wrong, all too often no one bothers to say, "Thank you so much, this is just splendid!" when things go right. I do that. I probably sound a little wonky to the store-keepers, places of business, cell phone companies, and all the rest but I will even ask for their managers to tell them what wonderful service I have been given and how much I appreciate the customer service person who helped me. It is a very small gesture, certainly, but it has meant a great deal to many and I have been deeply touched.

And so I watch the scroll go by here on my blog and I read the comments and lovely notes left here on this board where we open our hearts to one another and I feel incredibly moved and blessed that such loving people with such open and gentle hearts take the time to stop and read and share a few thoughts. In the middle of a universe of people from around the globe that I have met in over a decade on the internet I have met some of the people who are dearest to me today, some very special friends, and more, and even further, the knowledge that I have the knowledge that, when I get up in the morning and do my chores -- going out with the pugs, getting them their breakfast, feeding and cooing and kissing the parrots, and finally leaning against the kitchen counter as I fire up the espresso machine, froth milk and make my latte --that my friends are waiting, such dear ones, ever near, at the flip of a switch. The internet has opened up a world for me, who seldom leaves my home, who works mostly in silence and solitude, with animals and some gentle folks that I work with to do healings. Most of my time is really very silent. 

You are my family, my community, my friends, and whoever you are, and wherever you are, I genuinely love you in the purest, sweetest, most innocent and yet true way. I hold you close in my heart, and very dear, I have you in my circle of silence as I meditate and pray, wishing you well, sending you positive, loving, gentle reiki energy, praying for your well-being, that you may feel peace, and calm, and that perfect stillness inside, if only for a few moments here and there. Feel them and let them carry you. You are in my thoughts as I carry the bird's water dishes in to wash and fill with fresh water, and stand on the step-stool on the porch to fill the feeders for the wild birds just outside these studio windows. I feel hearts around me, in an ever expanding concentric set of circles that fan out and out and out and reach all the way around the world and back to me. I am sending out so much love, I just cannot tell you. I so genuinely feel it and live it and believe it is my purpose that I continue in my thoughts to send out waves of warm, glowing, golden tinged pink light, the heart's light on angel wings, out to every single one of you reading this and far beyond. 

I love you. If you ever doubt that anyone does, doubt no longer. If you ever feel alone come to the blog and read my words. I offer them up, sometimes shyly, in an attempt to make you smile, or feel the tenderness that I lay out like a cloth to have a simple picnic on, a feast that feeds every part of us, heart, mind, body and soul. I believe that this is why we are here. I believe that we are all supposed to be this to one another.

I am a healer. With heart and hands and words, in silence and in song. This is my path. And while this is simply a blog it is a way to reach out to others and say here, dear, take my hand, feel this energy that connects you and I and he and she and all of the peoples of the world. We are one, and individually we must needs hold up our own little corner of the universe weaving together the strands of time, stitching back together broken hearts and broken dreams and broken lives for each other. We must all be healers for everyone around us. It is possible. Hold a child's face gently in your hands and kiss away the tears. You are a healer. This is how it all begins.

 I hold tiny Penny, the new little rescue pug that came to me having been sorely neglected and left with many hard problems for life, and yet she is tiny and soft and gentle and sweet and her little face just looks up at me with so much trust and love. She gives me many tiny butterfly kisses and nuzzles me. As she is almost completely blind I carry her out into the fenced yard that the boys frolic in all on their own, and she steps gingerly around, finding her special places, and I usually carry her to two different spots. She likes to do her business in separate places. And I am always near but if for a moment she kind of freezes and just stands there, lost, before I can even get to her her two pug brothers run to her, on either side, flank to flank, and nuzzle her and stay there for the brief moment it takes for me to walk the few feet to her. This bond between these little dogs who are vastly different ages and never knew Penny until less than three weeks ago, touches me so deeply I just cannot tell you. It has brought tears to my eyes. If these small creatures can look out for a new little one in need, can we not do that for one another?

And so I wanted to take the time today to say thank you. I wanted to say that I appreciate you, your presence here as you stop by to read or say hello, or even thinking of you doing kind and loving things for others in your own corner of the world. We may stand continents apart, but truly, we are joined, heart to heart.

And so dear readers, dear friends, know that I am here, even though you can't see me. Know that even if you visit at a time that I am fast asleep the energy of your presence warms my soul. Know that I know how busy you are and yet you have taken time to stop by for a few moments. Know that I bless you as you go, and send with you an invisible cloak made of handspun threads of gold and glittering pink, invisible to you, but perhaps somewhere in your subconscious mind you will be able to feel, to know, that you are not alone, that you are loved, cherished, touched softly on the cheek, and blessed, even though I am many miles or light years away. And for a moment close your eyes, and breathe deeply, calmly, rhythmically, and open your heart and hands and think silently, "I love you, all of you, my brothers and sisters. Let us stand together. Let us be at peace."

I say this everyday. I am saying it now. I will continue on. And for now I give you a gentle kiss on the forehead and blow gently to send healing light and love from my hands and heart to you. I love you. Let's love one another. Let's be true. No one need ever hurt again if we each do our part. 

Each one, reach one. And love, always love...


Split Rock Ranch said...

What a beautiful post, Maitri! I always enjoy visiting your blog and reading what you have posted. Much love and light to you! xoxo B

Laane said...

You're truly a healer. What a wonderful post.
I wish there were lots of people like you all over the world and we would be able to make a web and bring positivity to all those who don't feel that way.
Thanks for being such a kind hearted person for al of us.


Ruth said...

(((((HUGS))))) Awesome post.

Joyce Lansky said...

Thank you. Thank you very much.


Michelle said...

This is wonderful! I have so often thought this about my readers, but didn't quite know how to say it so eloquently. THANK YOU for making me smile after reading this :)))

Umihoney said...

Dear Maitri
Wish you are here beside me.Your words bring tears to my eyes.Thank you.

Take care dear Maitri.Hugs


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