Sunday, May 16, 2010

Etsy Shop Opening June 1. Blog for shop just opened! More coming very soon!

You can click on the above graphic to see my etsy shop, re-opening June 1. It's empty now but has the category lists and notes on things to come. I'm super busy right now working away here in my studio and my little elves (who look amazingly like pugs) are helping as much as they can because my one-of-a-kind handspun yarns that I am calling "Pug Love" yarns will help support the rescue that my puggaroos and puggarinis came from, Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. 20% of the sales of "Pug Love" yarn will go directly to the rescue. I also do special order yarns and batts for those interested. Here are a few pictures of some of my work similar to some things you will find in the shop. (These items are all sold.)

"Rainbow Magic"  ~ a very heavy yarn for
weaving a table mat.

"Candy Land," spun for a charity auction

Clara's Heart
, in honor of Clara Schumann


Roses in Heaven
, spun with 12 different fibers

A set of 2 yarns still on the spindles.

And here are three of my "Wabi Sabi Wooly Wonder Batts" that are very large, 12 ounces to one pound so spinners have a lot of fiber to spin for larger projects...

Harvest Moon Batt
, 16 ounces

Catching Angels Unawares, 12 ounces

There Be Leprechauns Here! 14 ounces

You can also check out the blog for my Flickr page of fiber and other artwork at Maitri's Heart and Hands Designs Blog, and I'm about to write the second entry there now! That blog will be the working blog for the things I'm selling, ruminations on the life of an artist, art as a form of healing, and more. I'll look forward to seeing you over there! I will also be adding my OOAK Art Dolls into the mix. I'm so excited to be back in the studio.

Happy Days to one and all. My elves and I have to head back to the studio!

Wee little Babs wearing a freeform
crochet hat I made for a one-of-a-
kind Art Doll. Babs wants to say --
"Buy our stuff, we have to eat too.
You don't think I'd be here wearing
this stupid hat otherwise, do you?


Lily Arbee said...

Hi Maitri,

I wish you all the best with your new project and hope you will succeed.

Congratulations, I am sure there will be many keen people dropping by to check on your Etsy Shop after the grand opening in June.

Ruth said...

Catching Angels Unawares looks like cotton candy! Everything's so pretty. :-)

Jennifer Robin said...

I cannot WAIT to see what you list. I love having an Etsy shop, and am so glad to see you're getting back to selling again. Hope that injury to your hand doesn't keep you down too long. Your yarn is too stunning for words!

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